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Charcot Marie Tooth – Sponsor us to play for 36 hours at Supernormal

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As we’re playing for 36 hours, and people tend to get sponsored for things like marathons, I thought it might be nice to do something for a charity.

So on that tip, if you’re impressed with what we’re doing, and you’d like to give a bit of money to say ‘fair play lads’, could you have a think about giving money to my good friend Tim’s work for Charcot Marie Tooth?

Tim’s page is here and it’s a simple few clicks to sponsor – but worry not, the credit card security is all ship-shape and Bristol fashion. His blog is here

Charcot-Marie Tooth Association (CMTA) is a charity which raises money for research into CMT – it’s a disease that isn’t terribly well-known, or amazingly researched and it has quite debilitating affects on people. Because it’s not very well-known, people tend to struggle along with it without being diagnosed. There’s a lot more information on the CMTA page – here

Tim’s project is to make instruments to raise money for CMT research – it’s all for a good cause and Tim gets to make some wonderful and peculiar contraptions for the project, such as the below:

If you’re coming along to watch us at Supernormal – and, in fact, if you can’t afford a ticket – please, please thinking about donating to this project.


Kev/ Hákarl.


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July 17, 2011 at 3:14 pm

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